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Brushworks Painting & Decor: Your Trusted Painting Contractor

Top Quality at an Affordable Price

Brushworks Painting and Decor is a high-end contractor that doesn’t come with a hefty price tag. When you choose to work with us, you get access to our team of experienced and talented painters

Professional and trustworthy painting services


Because of the close-knit nature of our business, workers may manage inquiries all the way through project completion. They provide a very dependable service, and our painters always keep their word.


Since we place a high importance on being a reliable contractor, the substantial volume of work that comes from repeat clients who have established a positive working connection with our team members and request them for their projects repeatedly is our biggest testament.


Compared to other local painting firms, we are able to provide a service that is significantly more cheap thanks to our boutique structure, which also lowers our overhead costs. Care and quality are never compromised, even though the pricing is more affordable.

Customer Testimonials

I was so impressed with the work that Brushworks Painting and Decor did in my home! They transformed my outdated living room into a modern, beautiful space.

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Accurate Outcomes From Your Property and Situation Evaluation

Plastering, decorating, and painting all blur the lines between functionality and aesthetics, so many factors must be taken into account in order to get the desired outcome. Here is how we guarantee client satisfaction:

We can give a simplified experience that lowers your project’s overall expenses by doing appropriate planning, getting to know you and your property, and fixing problems as soon as they arise.

Our Services

Interior and Exterior

Residential Painting

Utilize our professional house painting services to bring your home’s ideal ambiance to life while protecting your walls and enhancing the appearance of your area.

Interior and Exterior

Commercial Painting

Our commercial painting services are designed to match the demands and preferences of your property and renters, giving your business the most appropriate and professional environment possible.


Roof Painting

Through our top-notch roof painting services, we help you feel proud of your house as you drive down the street. The work is done in a way that both protects your roof and gives it a subtle aesthetic.


Wallpaper Hanging

Give Summers a call when you need to hang wallpaper in your home to transform a space for an end result that is unified and will have you in awe for years to come.



Every time, we provides plastering services that are up to par with industry standards, giving you the ideal surface for your preferred paint kind and color.



Utilize our professional house painting services to bring your home’s ideal ambiance to life while protecting your walls and enhancing the appearance of your area.

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